Revelation Agents is an online media platform  that is nurtured by truth and conscience.its Reportage is based on thorough investigations and publishing of stories without bias,fear or favour.It is Published by Chirevealat Publishing Services which was incorporated in Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission on March 15th,2017 with CAC number BN.2489812

Its founder, Junior Prince Wiro have vast experience in Crime and Investigative reporting.He have served as Crime/Judicial Reporter in National Network Newspaper,Port Harcourt Telegraph Newspaper, The Neighborhood Newspaper,
Time Express Newspaper etc all in Port Harcourt,Rivers State,Nigeria .

Mrs Esther Wiro is the Secretary of Revelation Agents online News

Barrister Chijioke Woke(FCAI) Esq Principal Solicitor of The Master’s Law House Chamber in Port Harcourt,Rivers State,Nigeria is the Legal Adviser of Revelation Agents on Line news.
Revelation Agents Online News Headquarters is in Dim Street,Mile 3 Diobu,Port Harcourt,Rivers State,Nigeria