Sun. Sep 15th, 2019

Nigerian Police Officers To Work 8 Hours In A Day Henceforth -IGP

Mohammed Adamu ,Nigerian Inspector General of Police

Mohammed Adamu, Inspector General of Police in Nigeria has stated that in consideration of work related stress the Police Officers undergo, He has ordered with immediate effect, the shift duty structure of which is 12 hours, 2 shift a day be reverted to the traditional 3 shifts 8 hours a day

The Inspector General of Police made the revelation via the verified tweeter handle of the Nigerian Police Today April 25,2019

IGP Mohammed Adamu said based on this order ,no Police officer should be made to work more than 8 hours a day except there is local or national emergency

He said arguments have been raised that the resonating incidents of misuse of firearms and other extra judicial actions by Police personnel may result directly from work related stresses and emotional conditions which disorient their rationality

IGP Adamu added that Policing being a highly demanding job physically, mentally and psychologically requires a good state of physical, mental and psychological well being

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