Atikur Abubakar Accuse APC of Buying PVcs

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential candidate in Nigeria Atikur Abubakar has accused the ruling All Progressive Congress party of buying Permanent Voters card(PVC) ahead of 2019 general election.
He made the claims during PDP North Central Presidential rally today.
In his official twitter handle He said “this what APC are doing.They are buying PVCs,they will comew to you and give you N10,N20,N50 to buy your PVC- they are buying your future .Do you want to sell your future?Don’t sell your PVC because they are going to use it against you”.
He said “In terms of corruption, Nigeria is worse of today than we were in 2014. In terms of economy, we are the poorest country in the world today. In terms of insecurity, we are most insecure than at any other time in our history”.

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