Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

Greater Women and Youth Support Forum Participates In Sensitization Conference On Campaign Finance Organized By INEC

Evelyn Nwilene President of Greater Women and Youth Support Forum(Left),Aminu Idris INEC Director Elections and Party Monitoring(Centre),Prof.Anthonia .T.Simbine INEC National Commissioner in charge of elections and party monitoring (right)

The Greater Women and Youth Support Forum,a non Governmental Organization with its headquarters in Rivers state,Nigeria were among the Non Governmental Organization that participated in the National sensitization conference on campaign finance and and its importance to the electoral process

The organization was represented by its President Evelyn Nwilene.The President of Greater Women and Youth Support Forum who spoke Revelation Agents at the sideline of the event which was held on January 8th,2019 said ” politicians and political parties should not spend above the money stipulated by law during their campaigns”

She also urged the electorates not to vote for candidates or political parties based on the amount of money they can share but vote based on conscience and thorough assessment of the candidates

Earlier INEC/IFES urged the participants to put to track for the campaign on finance in the electoral process for transparency because democracy is not for sale

Security agencies, media,educationists,Civil Societies,political parties,etc were all in attendance

Evelyn Nwilene left
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