Sun. Sep 15th, 2019

Inside PortHarcourt Brothel Where Sex Workers Pays 150,000 Naira Per Month For A Room, 50,000 Naira For Security Fee, etc

One of the brothels

Brothel owners are into serious business in most of part of PortHarcourt in Rivers state, Nigeria investigation by Revelation Agents has revealed

A visit to a popular brothel known as C1 and C2 which is between 40-60 Azikiwe street Mile 2 Diobu, PortHarcourt revealed that each of the prostitute occupying a room which is not up-to six ceiling pays 5,000 per day which is a sum total of 150,000 naira a month to the owner of the brothel

Investigation also showed that the girls pays 20,000 naira for “security fee” allegedly used by the brothel owners in settling security agents every month

A commercial sex worker in one of the brothel told Revelation Agents reporter that they also contributes another 15,000 naira monthly for fueling of the generating sets

The commercial sex workers told Revelation Agents that one round of sex is 1,000 naira while a man that wants to pass night with the them pays minimum of 5,000 naira but novice or first timers can be deceived to pay 3,000 naira for one round of sex and as high as 10,000 naira for “day break”.

Another commercial sex worker told our reporter that if the customer wants to sleep with them outside the brothel in the night you pay as high as 15,000 naira

They revealed that they have sex with 15-30 men in a Day so is easy for them to meet up.

They also said the use of condom is mandatory

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