MOSOP condemns New Wave Of Killings And Burning Of Houses In Ogoni

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) regrets to alert the public and security operatives that burning of houses and killings have continued and ongoing since the early hours of today, Sunday, August 18, 2019 in parts of Nyokhana in Khana LGA (Ogoniland) by some rampaging youths. MOSOP learned that in the current wave of rampage, some houses and persons including the house of Chief Loolo of Opouko community has been set ablaze and about five persons allegedly killed by the invaders who were shooting sparodically and indiscriminately.

The youths reportedly left Opouko after leaving a sad footprint and went to Luumene-Bangha community where they set the part of the palace of His Highness, Mene Suanu T.Y. Baridam ablaze, shot and killed two persons including one Monday Iko and one of the sons of Chief Zobani Nwisaanee before leaving the community to other parts of the Nyokhana kingdom with the intention of causing more havoc. MOSOP wishes to State clearly that it does not know as these youths have not anybody what their grievances are.

MOSOP is unhappy that members of these community who are supposed to be at their places of worship this Sunday morning are rather running helter skelter and seeking refuge in their churches.

It is very painful to MOSOP that our land is now becoming what the Ogoni people have not been known for as this is happening less than a week after some houses and persons were set ablaze and killed in Okwale, Taabaa and Nyokuru Communities.

The Bari-aara Kpalap-led MOSOP appeals to Ogoni youths to PLEASE seathe their sword and embrace ongoing peace process in Ogoniland after similar incidences were witnessed in Gokana, Babbe and the others.

MOSOP highly condemns this unwholesome acts and call on the youths to be peaceful, embrace dialogue and come forward with their grievances so that it can be addressed by the Ogoni leaders. Killings and burning of houses cannot solve our problems as two wrongs, cannot make a right. MOSOP sympathizes with the families of those who have lost their loved ones now and in the past and assures that we work with other Ogoni leaders and stakeholders including youths and women to find lasting solution to this incessant killings and destruction of properties in the land.

MOSOP calls on the security operatives to work with Ogoni leaders and relevant stakeholders to forestall further killings, break down of law and other and protect lives and properties of the Ogoni population.

MOSOP Publicity Secretary/Spokesman,
Sunday, August 18, 2019.

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