Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Niger Delta Youth Ambassadors For Peace (NDYAP) Calls For Violence Free 2019 General Elections

Comrade Christian Amanya,President of NDYAP

One of the responsible and foremost Non Governmental Organization domicile in Southern part of Nigeria, the Niger Delta Youth Ambassadors For Peace (NDYAP)  has called for violence free 2019 elections in Nigeria

The President of NDYAP, Comrade Christian Amanya in a chat with Revelation Agents Today, on the sideline of door to door sensitization of voters at Bori headquarters of Khana local Government area of Rivers state urged electorates and political actors in the region and the country at large to shun electoral violence, manipulation of electoral process, thuggery and hate speech

Comrade Amanya also called on the Youths to reject politicians who will want to arm them with guns and mobilize them for violence in the 2019 general elections. He said “the youth should not die for any politician as there is a better future ahead for the Youths” .

According to comrade Amanya, any politician who want to buy your vote or mobilize you for violence do not have anything  to offer other than  to encourage criminality in the society, such politicians should be rejected by the use of your PVC.

The president of NDYAP whose main aim is to champion the course of unemployed and unskilled (both graduate and non graduate) youths in Niger Delta region said “as an organization,we will do everything possible to support major stakeholders like security agents,INEC and other well meaning individuals to ensure a violence free election in the region

Comrade Amanya also called on  INEC, security agents,  political parties and their candidates in 2019 general elections to abide by the rule of the game  in order to ensure credible, transparent, free and fair polls in Niger Delta and the country at large

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