Ogoni Day Celebration:YEAC Calls On Ogoni Leaders To Be United


As we the Ogonis go about the celebration of the 28th anniversary of Ogoni Day today, being the 4th Day of January, 2020, I call on all Ogoni people, home and abroad to go about the celebration peacefully and nonviolently. I also call on the leaders of Ogoniland especially those under the auspices of MOSOP and KAGOTE to unite and form a common front in each of those organizations. We are tired of having these organizations, MOSOP and KAGOTE fictionalized. A situation whereby we are not united and have a common front to present our issues to the world is dragging us back as a people. I therefore call on Ogoni leaders to end the crisis in MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People), end the crisis in KAGOTE (Khana, Go kana, Tai and Eleme elders’ forum), unite and move Ogoni forward according to the ideals of the forefathers of Ogoni especially Ken Saro-Wiwa and others who where murdered in cold blood in 1995.

I also call on the government to keep faith with the Ogoni Cleanup and provide the necessary funds that will enhance the cleanup and ensure that the environment is restored. I further call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to release the Ken Saro-Wiwa Memorial Bus that it confiscated in 2015. It is important that we have the bus in Ogoniland to further heal the wounds of the Ogoni people. It is important that we live in peace.


Ogoni-born Environmental Justice Activist, Human Rights Defender and Executive Director, Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC). 04/01/2020.

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