Thu. May 23rd, 2019


PDP, APC AND EBONYI STATE GOVERNORSHIP ELECTIONS 2019. a governorship ambition should not be an afterthought nor do you contest elections with makeshift political associations. LESSONS FOR 2023.

The celebrated Social Scientist Ake of blessed memory in his seminal work the Political Economy of Africa made it clear that the nature of political struggle and power contestations in AFRICA is such that power is a means of production or have been reduced to that by the ruling elite.

Thus, the winner takes it all. To win in this macabre dance of power struggle in Africa nay Nigeria you must play outside the rules and none of us need be reminded that the rule set by the ruling elite in our society is often kept in breach of same. of course for the ruling elite they can set standards for themselves as often as possible, and what they say is moral remains at any epoch depending on what the prevailing interest is.

It thus, implies that for anyone with an eye on power nay political power should posses an avalanche of tracheary, con manship, propaganda, falsehood and lies, in this, it is important one understands the invaluable role of the media and the use of constructive violence. Never, has the contest for power been a moral game not even within the church hierarchy.
Efforts must be made on time to understand that it is a capital intensive business and all it takes in bougeoir democracy and political contest to capture power is Money, Money AND Money again. It is required to capture and employ all other factors viz violence, media etc.
To embark on this mission one must think through it so meticulously like the professional gambler or the infantry commander in the battle field. BE rest assured of the stakes which are obviously high and then damble into the bloody waters of partisan politics and timeously too. With a confrontational strategic engagement of the opponent.

Since the game deals with numbers one must mobilise a flowership base first and then nurture a political platform over time with quite committed lieutenants of an army of the unemployed in our own case and different levels of sophisticated manpower across the spectrum of his political formation.
Though in Nigeria any vehicle of a political party could take one to power but it must be massified and radicalised to the tune of your control through any means necessary. A makeshift political platform will not do, men make political parties and political parties are not mere names.

For men of vaulting ambition more so the quest to rule other men which is but a business in our clime and one business setback may delay but not kill the quest for further adventure. The part though dirty but the courageous trode on. While tribunal things are underway let us look inwards, take stock and refocus for MAY 29TH 2023 IS BY THE CORNER. No room for regrets.

Barrister Arochukwu Ogbonna(ESQ)
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