Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Residents Petition CEO Of PHED Over Non Challant Attitude Of Its Staff

Residents of Wokomalane, Wokoma, Ojotolane, Ovim, Ogbuagu and Dim Street ,Mile 111 diobu, PortHarcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria has petitioned the Chief Executive Officer of PortHarcourt Electricity Distribuction Company(PHED) over total power outage for over a month and alleged non challant attitude of staff in the Silverbird branch in Mile 1 diobu supervising the area to fix the suspected fault.

In a petition addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of PHED which was dated 10th April, 2019 and seen by Revelation Agents Online News, the residents stated that the last time they had light supply was on March 7th,2019 even though epeliptic in nature.They explained that despite several visits to the Silverbird branch of PHED, the management of the branch has not shown enough commitment to solve the suspected fault

The residents appealed to the Chief Executive Officer of PHED to use his good office to intervene in the matter with a view to dousing tension in the area and also restore the confidence energy customers has on the company

The petition which has acknowledgement stamp of PHED showing it has been received by the company was signed by over 7 residents of the area

Suspended transformer

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