Suspected Cultists Kill 4 Persons In Ibaa,EMOLGA For Allegedly Giving Information To Security Agencies

Suspected cultists yesterday, February 9th,2019 killed three innocent persons in Ibaa,Emohua local Government area of Rivers state,Nigeria for allegedly giving Soldiers information about operations of cultists, Revelation Agents can report

We learnt that one of the person killed,Nduka Wiro from Ohionu clan in Ibaa was shot in his house yesterday morning while Mr.Donald Amesi a father to a suspected Deygbam cult member who was killed by suspected Icelander cult members was also killed.Two other persons were also killed by rampaging Icelanders cult members in other parts of Ibaa.

Revelation Agents gathered that Icelanders cult members carried out the killing of Innocent persons yesterday.

For Over 10 years,so many lives have been lost in Ibaa due to cult war between Deygbam and Icelander cult groups.

The killings is taking place despite the presences of a unit of Nigeria Army domicile in Ibaa

The head of Inspector General of Police Intelligence team in Rivers state,Bernard Igwe confirmed the killing and stated that the Police has deployed their men to the village

Also Prince Wiro,the Publisher of Revelation Agents Online News( confirmed the killing of his cousin Nduka Wiro,by the suspected cultists

As at press time natives have flees the village prompting doubt if the natives will participate in the Presidential and National Assembly Election on Saturday February 16,2019

Rivers state,Commissioner of Police,CP Usman Belel
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