Arsenal Vs LiverPool Fixture Turns Highest Scoring Premier League Fixture After M Salah’s Penalty

Liverpool Players Celebrating After The Match

Arsenal and Liverpool Fixture is now the highest scoring premier league fixture with a record of 154 goals after Mohammed Salah’s goal from a penalty spot kick this evening

Mohammed Salah the raised Liverpool tally to four against Arsenal’s one goal .Meanwhile Roberto Fermino on Saturday became the third Brazilian to score a hat-trick in a premier league match and the sixth hat-trick in a premier league fixture between Liverpool and Arsenal The match ended in 5-1 in favour of Liverpool as they continued their unbeaten run in premiership this season thus ending the year in style

Result from other premier league fixture are as follow

1. Watford 1-1 Newcastle

2. Leicester 0-1 Cardiff 1

Victor Camarasa’s 92nd minute goal gave Cardiff the maximum three points

3.Fulham 1-Huddersfield 0

4.Spurs 1-3 Wolves

5.Brighton 1- Everton 0

Liverpool Players Celebrating After the goal
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