Civil Rights Council Member Killed By Stray Bullet During Police,Shiite Faithfuls Clash In Abuja

late Alex Ogbu

Comrade Alex Ogbu a member of Civil Rights Council,a Human Rights group was killed by alleged stray bullet suspected to come from the gun of a Police man during shiite moslems protest on Tuesday,21 January ,2020 yestetday in Abuja,Nigeria.

The Chairman of Civil Rights Council in Rivers State,Prince Wiro confirmrd the incident while adding that the state,local Government and unit chapters have been briefed by the National leadership of Civil Rights Council.Meanwhile membes of Civil Rights Council Abuja revealed that DCO crime of Utako Police station briefed the wife the family members ,Civil Rights Council that he personally led the team that took the body of comrade Alex to mortuary. According to Civil Rights Members,The Police Officer told them that

Alex fell down while running from the Shite protesters and hit his head on a sharp object which led to his death .Civil Rights Council members disclosed the Police agreed that there should be autopsy and they also agreed that the family should come with their pathology.

We gathered that it was agreed that the autopsy should be carried out on Thursday,January 23,2020.

The source also reaveled that the wife and the younger brother wrote statements at the Police station.

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