Did Chima Ikwunado Die In Detention Facility Of “Evil” Crack Or Eagle Crack Police Unit?

Late Chima Ikwunado

With shocking revelation by Victor Ogbonna who was arrested alongside three others and late Chima Ikwunado who died in the detention facility of the Police in Rivers State,many residents have begin to ask if the team is “Evil Crack” Police unit or Eagle Crack Police unit.

Victor Ogbonna had narrated on a live radio programme how himself, late Chima and three others were taken to torture facility in the Eagle crack Police unit and hung upside down and flogged with matchetes, axe,woods to compel them to accept they were cultists and armed robbers when they were not. He said Chima died because blood was gushing out of his eyes,nose,ears .

Some PortHarcourt residents after listening to the tale of victor Ogbonna said they are confused if the team is an “evil” crack team or Eagle crack team going by the testimony of the victims.

Late Chima,Victor Ogbonna and three of their friends were arrested on December 19,2019 by the Eagle crack Police unit for running against traffic but were later accused of robbing the vehicle they drove on. The owners of the vehicle had informed the Police that Chima was their mechanic and they gave him the cars to repair. The Eagle crack Police unit later accused late Chima and his colleagues of cultism after they(Police) released the vehicle to the owners.The Eagle crack unit arraigned the other four persons in magistrate court on charges bordering on armedrobbery and cultism after Chima’s death. Following public outcry on the incident the Rivers State Police command through its Public Relations Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Nnamdi Omoni said the unit commander told him that late Chima died of high sugar level, a statement Anthony Ikwunado late Chima’s brother and wife ,Mrs Adaego Ikwunado refuted. The wife and brother maintained that Chima has no history of high sugar.

The four accused persons who were arrested alongside Chima were discharged and acquitted by a magistrate court last Wednesday of all the crimes levelled against them by the Police after the advice from Diretorate of Public Prosecution(DPP) showed they have no case to answer.

The sterling revelations by many victims of torture,extortion and brutalization by the Eagle crack Police supervised directly by the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State,CP Danduara Mustapha has left people pondering if the team is an “Evil crack team” formed to perpetrate evil against innocent Rivers state residents or a team set up to crack violent crimes and criminal elements. Many Human Rights Organization in the state had called for disbandment of the team over alleged atrocities and evil they perpetrated against people who they are meant to protect and serve.

Written By Prince Wiro,Chairman,Civil Rights Council,Rivers State

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