Ekpeye Commiserates With Ogba, Urged For Close Tie

The Regent to the stool of Eze Ekpeye Logbo, HRM Nye Udu Felix Otuwarikpo, Ph.D, Fnipr has described the death of Oba Chukwuemela Nnam Obi II, Oba of OgbaIand as a great loss not only to the people of Ogba, but to the Akalaka lineage and Rivers State at large.

The Regent who also is the Nyeishi-ele Upata Lowetu li Nye Udu Upata III, made the statement on Saturday, May 22 at the palace of the Oba, when he led a delegation of the Ekpeye Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs to commiserate with the family and people of Ogba on the death of Oba Obi II.

He said the Ekpeye people were deeply touched when the news of the death of the Ogba monarch was announced.

According to the Regent, the “late traditional ruler showed love to all, and those that live in his domain, irrespective of their tribe, or religious inclination. Though his death was shocking, he paid the supreme price every living human will pay.

“Your late father was a great leader. He contributed immensely to the growth of OgbaIand, Orashi and Rivers State and he defended and protected the sanctity of Akalaka lineage stoutly.”

While he congratulated the new Oba for a peaceful transition, Nye Udu Otuwarikpo advised him to work diligently towards the realization of the Akalaka dreams which his late father laboured hard to protect because, “it is my conviction that a tiger begets its kind.’

Beside the condolence, the Regent informed of the willingness of the Ekpeye people to build a “robust relationship with the descendants of Akalaka, starting with the Ogba people.”

In his response, Oba Obi expressed sincere thanks for the visit, that it is an affirmation of the historic tie that holds both ethnic nation.

He said: “Your coming is a blessing to us, it’s an affirmation of the bloodline we share and we shall hold tightly the legacies our forefathers kept for us. Our people are resilient, we are mindful, we cherish the relationship with Ekpeye and we must grow from strength to strength.”

While he noted the emergence of Nye Udu Otuwarikpo as Regent to the stool of Eze Ekpeye Logbo as an orchestration of God, he urged him to be resolute considering the fact that the task ahead is enormous.

Oba Obi though assured that he would not fail to do those things God has designed, he however urged for stronger ties with “my Ekpeye brothers. We must show leadership. Leadership is better than rulership. A people who know their history cannot allow themselves to be intimidated and oppressed.”

The Ekpeye delegation include HRH Eze Ikaki Sobere Ikaki, Chairman of the Ekpeye Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs; HRH Eze Chigemerem David, Secretary of the Ekpeye Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs; High Chief Felix Ubaji, Regent to the stool of Eze Igbu Ugbobi among other top traditional rulers.

Comrade Oyagiri Monday
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Eze Otuwarikpo (left)
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