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As the  approve date by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for Political parties to commence campaign draws closer, the Greater Women and Youth Support Forum (GWYSF) has urged politicians and political parties to shun hate speech during campaign.

In a statement jointly signed by the President Evelyn Nwilene and Secretary Peace Bai which was made available to Revelation Agents Online News, the group said “political parties and politicians should carry out issues based campaign devoid of hate and abusive speeches.

The group in the statement said “candidates of political parties for the 2019 general election should campaign based on their manifesto and not on ethnic or religious sentiment”.

The group urged the electorates to extract specific commitment from candidates of political parties based on their manifesto and master plan for their constituency, senatorial district, state and country as applicable to positions they are vying for.

The statements also advised the electorates to reject politicians who will engage in voting buying or encourage electoral malpractice and violence as such politicians do not have the electorates at heart.

The statement further advised the political parties and politicians to abide by rule of law and tenents of democracy during campaign while calling on security agencies and INEC to continue to remain non-partisan in their conduct before, during and after 2019 general elections.

The group said “We believe in violence and malpractice free 2019 general elections and it is our prayer that political actors abide by  rule of law in their conduct before, during and after the elections

Members of the group with representatives of INEC during a sensitization programme in PortHarcourt recently.
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