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A Federal High Court sitting in PortHarcourt on Friday reserved judgement to a latter date in case brought by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) against Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs, Governorship candidate of Accord (A) political party on issues of alleged non-compliance in election of delegates that made him the consensus candidate for the Governorship election.

Justice Stephen Daylop-Pam after listening to all the arguments of the parties in the matter, reserved the case to judgment on a date that will be communicated to the parties.

Abiodun Owonikoko(SAN) counsel to Accord Governorship candidate in an interview with Journalists outside the court room said  “today the court held all the parties .You must have observed that the court gave all of us opportunity to expantiate our cases and you see that it emerge here what  brought the candidate of Accord (A) to court at instance of PDP has nothing to do with the primary that led to his emergence.

“It has to do with congresses held for election of delegates that came for the primary and that was on the 5th of May meanwhile this suit was filed on 4th of October.

“I believe that all the issues as canvassed by all the parties will give his lordship some food for thought on what the justice of this case is all about particularly in the light of recent development within the division of the Federal High Court where there appears to be discordant  direction about the right of opposition parties to intercede and interlope in affairs of others.

“There was a judgement earlier that will thought was  consistent with what the supreme Court has being holding for the past twenty years since the return of democracy.

“Each party is master of how it conducts it affairs  and opposition parties should not intrude into their affairs .I think two days ago, another judgement came from understandbly from the same court whereas APC was held not to have locus standi to challenge Governorship candidate of PDP.A sister Case by PDP against APC candidate the same court the same judge came to a different decision.

“So we believe that probably his lordship in this case we have opportunity to take a stand about whether the law is still the same or with the new judgement whether the law have changed about  parties meddling in Political affairs of other   parties.

“One of the grounds of our objection is that the action of PDP was status-bar .We are talking about five months interval between the events they are complaining about and the time they came to court but is left for the court to decide whether the law has changed or there is some loophole in the law.

“Anyway matter involving preelection case is appealable”

On the recent letter by the Rivers State Government to seal campaign office of Accord,

Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs in an interview with Journalists said  ” it is very unfortunate.The PDP has there offices all over PortHarcourt at different places .The very worrying thing is that campaign are not commercial.

“You don’t consider campaign activities as commercial activities.What is the profit in it?

“The state is gradually becoming a lawless state.This of course will be challenged .They have served us with the notice .We are waiting for them.We will  continue to urge this government to try to be law abiding .

“When you continue to take action as government that has potency to overheat the polity, then you are failing in your duty.This is a very state of confused affairs in the PDP right now”.

Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs disclosed that very soon Journalists may need permission from the state government before interviewing opposition politicians.

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