I Am Vying For Position Of APN Board Secretary To Contribute To Growth Of Better Nigeria – Aisha Ahmed

An aspirant for the position of  Secretary of Board of trustees of Alliance of Patriotic Nigerians(APN) ,Aisha Ahmed has disclosed that she is vying for the position to contribute her quota to enable the organization achieve  new Nigeria of their dream which is the major goal of the group . Aisha Ahmed ,  in an exclusive interview with Revelation Agents disclosed that she will be a good ambassador of  APN if elected and also encourage APN to partner with groups and relevant stakeholders which have the same ideology with the organization to contribute towards the birth of the NEW NIGERIA of their dream.  Ahmed explained that the youths and young people and indeed almost all Nigerians have lamented and complained for too long without striving to provide solutions to the challenges facing the Nation .The Board Secretary aspirant explained that if elected she  will liaise with other board members  to impact  knowedge and values of civic education with a view to promoting national ethnics , values and fundamental orientation for the youths that constitutes over 65% of the nation’s total population.

The APN Board Secretary hopeful,regretted that since the attainment of Nigeria’s independence,  its citizens have been struggling to build the country on the path of political , economic, social , technological and cultural greatness to no avail due to unethical  practices.

She argued that therefore if the young ones and Nigerians are not taught to shun the acts of indiscipline, intolerance , sycophancy, lack of integrity, cutting of corners , especially where it is done in connivance with their leaders and teachers,  Nigeria would never make progress.

Chronicling how the organisation came to existence, Aisha Ahmed said  APN was founded by  Engr. Kelvin Okolie and other patriots from different ethnic backgrounds but one Nigeria ), with same vision to educate the youths and Nigerians on the right path of leadership / governance and the need for our teeming youths to actively participate , contest and win elections for the interest of our upcoming generations yet unborn.

She listed some objectives of the organisation as follows:
1. To encourage the youths and young people towards active participation in the political process 
2. To sponsor the youths and young people in contesting for elections under the political parties of their choice 
3. To connect with government, NGOs and other stakeholders on charity, philanthropy and community development. 
4. To connect with youth groups and other civil society organisations on encouraging youths and young people to participate in trade and entrepreneurship 
5. To promote generational change leading to a smooth and peaceful transfer of power to the youths and young people at all levels to enable the young generation bring new ideas into the governance of our dear country 
6. To conduct advocacy and campaigns towards empowering Nigerian youths and reducing the high levels of unemployment in our dear country 
7. To assist government towards the implementation of youth-oriented policies and programmes among Orders. 
She added that it is pertinent for youths,the young ones and all Nigerians to embrace the ideas and tenets of APN for the birth of a new Nigeria. 

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