MOSOP has been abolished,beware of imposters Ogoni activist warns

By Ikuru Lizzy


Ogoni (Rivers) Jan. 5, 2019 (NAN) Dr Good-luck Diigbo, President, Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority (OCIA) said that the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) has been abolished, warning the public against imposters.

Diigbo made this known on Friday evening during the 27th Ogoni Day celebration in Bori, Khana, Local Government Area of Rivers.

He said that MOSOP haven achieved its primary objective has currently been abolished to pave way for an autonomous body that would oversee the implementation of MOSOP’s demand which according to him, is a collective concern of the Ogoni people.

Diigbo urged government at all levels and the international community to disregard any person or group parading as MOSOP as they are only using the platform for selfish gains.

”MOSOP is only a vehicle used by the Ogoni people to project their quest for self government/resource control in Ogoni land.

”The fact that the MOSOP’s struggle has been able to bring Ogoni to the limelight especially as regards the demand for the clean-up as well as other demands to better the lot of the Ogoni people, the agenda of MOSOP is adjudged fulfilled.

”On August 2, 2012, Ogoni people decided to press home a major demand by MOSOP which is ‘Self government’ within the framework of our country Nigeria and based on that demand the Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority (OCIA) was formed.

”I was elected president of the body (OCIA), because I’m a lover of the Ogoni struggle and close confidant of the Late Ken Saro-wiwa our seasoned activist and I look forward to tackling the challenge of resource control which is the main agenda of the Ogoni struggle.

”I will ensure that this body overrides the powers of some Ogoni politicians and brothers who are presently enriching themselves through the Ogoni struggle rather than protect the interest of the people.

”As I speak, some Ogoni politicians and sections of Ogoni people have sabotaged the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) report implementation in Ogoni land.

”Infact there is no testimony on ground in Ogoni as regards Ogoni clean-up and several sums of money associated with it,” he said.

Diigbo also said that for the UNEP report implementation to be achieved, there is urgent need for a thorough review of the report and a robust stakeholders engagement in the entire process.

”If the Ogoni clean-up is anything to go by then, there is need for a joint review of the entire report and also a great need for stakeholders engagement in all ramifications.

”We all know that the report endorsed several years ago by UNEP following the environmental challenge recorded in Ogoni land as a result of oil exploration had over the years grown worse due to delayed implementation.

”As we speak today the environmental degradation in Ogoni is worse than yesteryears when UNEP came up with that report, therefore, a thorough review of the entire report is very necessary if a clean-up must be achieved in Ogoni land,” he said.

Meanwhile, efforts by our correspondent to get reactions from current leadership of MOSOP Mr Legbisi Pyagbara, proved abortive as several phone calls and text messages got no response.

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