Narrow Road Widows Prayer Network Marks 20 Years Of Existence

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As part of its activities to commemorate Nigerians 61 years independence day celebration, a faith based organization, Narrow Road Widows Prayer Network marks twenty years of its existence of interceding for Nigeria and evangelism.

National Secretary of Niger Delta Bishop Voice and Ministers Forum, Bishop John Peters, in his opening speech while speaking in the capacity of the chairman at the event, commended the women for their selfless effort in their seize less prayer for the peace and unity of their nation Nigeria.
“In the capacity of my organization, I celebrate with the narrow road women intercessors on their twenty years of soul winning winning and interceding for Nigeria, it is very much encouraged.

They have been standing in for Nigeria and Niger Delta and for Rivers state and that is why we as an organization we ate in partnership with them and want to encourage them not to relent that their labor in secret God will eventually bless them”

The bishop while encouraging Nigerians for a tweak in governance come 2023 election, he admonished youths to desist being used by politicians as mercenaries during elections.

“Nigeria is our country and we cannot in any way loose hope. We know that things are bad, it can be attested by anybody even the common man in the street and the pinch everybody is feeling it. But we believe that at 61 we are not doomed.

We have hope in as much as things are very bad, that God will fix Nigeria come 2023, we are praying very vigorously.

The youths should not be used to perpetrate violence, I want the youths not to give in to what is happening in Nigeria, not to follow the bad examples of our bad leaders and not to be used as mercenaries during elections, but they should carve a good record for themselves”

Earlier the vision bearer and leader of Narrow Road Women Intercessors and Mother  Cry for the Youths of Niger Delta, Dr. Blessing Opuwil Jesus, says the Spirit of God has driven her this far to be consistent in the ministry work to be interceding and winning souls for Christ twenty years counting today.
“One thing every believer needs to do is to love God, and anyone that love God must love his or her nation and every lover of God is a soul winner.

The Spirit of God which is the one driving me to do all  what I am doing now for the past twenty years, all glory goes to Him.
And one thing I want to tell any government on throne, that they must learn to fear God, because if you fear God as a leader, you will love the people. God is not happy about the happenings in this nation. Now alI I want to beg the people is that please let there be a real change, and I believe if the leaders of this nation begin to fear God, there will be a real change.
When the righteous rule the people rejoice. One thing I know 2023 is for the righteous”

Dr. Blessing used the medium to call on wife’s of political leaders in power, Aisha Mohammadu Buhari and the wives of the 36 states governor to join her organization in praying for the peace and unity of Nigeria.
“Nigeria women especially our mothers from Aisha Buhari down to the 36 states governors wives please join us in this group to see how we can let peace in our nation. Our fathers they should also allow the youths to take over  from them, this is one of our cry and we believe 2023 will allow the youths to take over, that is the plan of God”

Also the the vice president of the organization, Reverend Praise Ene Ofong, on the sideline said ” I know the enemy has eaten up Nigeria, but I know God is bringing back Nigeria afresh and that is what we have been praying for. The righteous must rule in this nation.

Nigerians are not happy, but I want to tell Nigerians to be patience and wait for the Lord “

On her part, the welfare officer of the group, Pastor Mrs. Effiong, who appreciates God for the grace and backing the group has being experiencing for twenty years.

“I appreciate and thank God for the grace and backing that He backed us all, despite the difficulties in life and what we call trouble of life, He saw us all.

We have been winning many souls. Hod has giving the leader and us the grace to be feeding widows and every December we also feed the widows. 
This great body is not only in Rivers state, it’s in Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Benue, Bayelsa etc. We have won many souls that a lot of them are pastors today and they are also winning souls for Christ”

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