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Sunday 11,February,2024 will make it exact one year suspected Iceland Cultists led by one Sunday abducted 33 year old Mrs Chibewejim Steward,wife of Lawyer steward an Assistant Pastor of Seventh Day Adventist church in Abarikpo community,Ahoada East Local Government Area of Rivers state.

In an exclusive interview with revelationagents.com Pastor steward reveals that the person who led the assault on his wife,mother of two children  drowned in a river where he went to swim two months after his wife death .

Pastor Steward said ” 

I suffered alot .if you see me now I have trimmed down .I am not as before when my wife was alive.When my life was alive I enjoyed her.

“Today i felt it so bad.You know my wife is a Teacher .Sometimes if I dont have money will contribucte together but today all the load is on my head.Now I am owing debt in my daugther’s school and owing about 25,000 naira in my daugther’s school.The Son that is the little one, I am owing 10,000 naira .If my wife is alive she could have supported me as usual.

“This December I know how I suffered.When my wife was alive we went to the farm,we harvest and sell cassava,because I have the cassava.

“She is a very hardworking woman .Community can testify that she is a hardworking woman.But now all the load is on me.We used all the cassava farm to do her burial .I sold some and some we use it to do garri,Fufu to entertain visitors during the burial .

“You know as a Christian,as an Assistant Pastor that two days of the burial my house filled up with people.

“I have relocated from the Seventh Day Adventist church at Abarikpo where I was when my wife was killed to another of the church branch at Ula-Ahoada .

“The one who led the troop to  chase me from my house that I escaped,that they  murder my wife died within two months.According to the story that when he pull off his clothe,he went to the river .He has been swimming in that river before but that day he could not make,he died in the water.Although many of them have died,some are alive .

“The one that led the troop to kill my wife died in the river naked.You know they killed my wife naked.After raping her,do all atrocity on her .You know that they raped her,dagger her in the vagina .The photo,everything is there.

“Tomorrow(11th February) will make it a  year .I have told my children that tomorrow from 6am to 12pm that the two children will not eat .They will not bath till 6pm.That is the final mourning of their mother.Me I will eat in the evening”.

49 year Pastor Steward also said he will remarry because his children is still small.The daugther is seven year old  while the son is three year old .

The gruesome murder of Mrs Steward by suspected Iceland cult members attracted wide spread condenmation and exposed the numerous unreported atrocities committed by several armed groups in the LGA as at that time.

Prince Wiro,National Coordinator of Cemtre for Basic Rights Protection And Accountability Campaign had described the mother of Mrs Steward as unacceptable and tasked the security agencies to be alive to their responsibility of protecting lives and property .

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