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With five days to go before the March 11 governorship election in Rivers, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Siminalayi Fubara, the candidate of the PDP, is the dark horse in the race. And the opposition and naysayers are having a hard time taking that in!

Siminalayi Fubara has come out of the gates strong, campaigning on a platform of improved infrastructure and education, and has quickly gained the support of the people. He has also gained momentum with his grassroots approach to campaigning, galvanizing the support of local communities.

Like a snake with its head already cut off, but still fighting frantically for its life, the opposition can see clearly the handwriting on the wall, how much Rivers people have accepted SIminalayi Fubara and have rejected them, and their inconsequential antics, like sore losers, they have now resorted to propaganda.

They are attempting to spread false information and discredit the candidate with the people’s mandate, Simiminalayi Fubara, in order to gain favor with the public. However, the public has already seen through their tactics and the opposition’s efforts are futile.

Simiminalayi Fubara has a long record of public service and has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the people he represents. As such, his constituency, Rivers state as a whole, is well aware of his record and can see through any attempts to manipulate or mislead them.

The opposition has tried every possible means to discredit Fubara. Their recent effort is to resort to propaganda. In order to deceive Rivers voters and other Nigerians for political reasons, they now fabricate fake news using the name of the Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

The opposition is desperate to create confusion and fear in the minds of voters in order to discredit the Governor and turn the people against him. They are using the power of fake news to spread lies and misinformation in order to achieve their political goals. 

But as always, they have failed already!

All of this is aimed at creating a setback for the candidacy of SIminalayi Fubara, who is believed to have been favored by Governor Wike as a credible candidate to succeed him in office. This is believed to be an attempt by the opposition to weaken Fubara’s credibility in the eyes of the electorate, in order to prevent him from being elected the next governor.

They plan to use Governor Wike as collateral damage for Fubara’s candidacy.

They have so far found that their easiest method is to scour old fake videos that have been discredited in the past, edit them, and circulate them as if they are current and true videos. This allows them to take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge of the content’s history and spread false information quickly and easily.

This allows them to spread their messages faster and more widely. They are also able to make the videos appear more credible by connecting them to current events or issues.

Firstly, they manipulated an old audio clip from 2016 and circulated the same in cyberspace as a current clip involving the governor and another individual just to tarnish the image of the governor prior to the last Presidential Election.

It is likely that the people behind this fake news were hoping to use the sympathy of Rivers voters to improve their political standing and discredit the governor. By creating a false story about a family member, they were attempting to delegitimize the governor and cause disruption in the political process

Their main objective was to harvest the sympathy of a certain section of Rivers voters. Secondly, after the shellacking they got at last Saturday’s presidential election, they angrily placed another fake news on the internet claiming that the governor’s son in the US had been mortally harmed – a lie taken from the pit of hell since the governor has no child in the US.

With the Presidential election behind us, these individuals have turned back to creating more fake news. This time, they took an old video clip of 26th February 2019 in which Col. Aminu Iliyasu, the then Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, 6 Division, Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt in which the officer raised spurious allegations against Governor Wike followed the faceoff between the governor and the Army over the governor’s courageous resistance to the military that was bent on rigging the 2019 governorship election in favor of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

What these persons have done is take that video clip, cut it out of context, and circulate the same on social media. This is done to portray the governor as someone who is planning to compromise the military for the forthcoming governorship election. Their insidious efforts are shameful, criminal, and evil.

The public is therefore enjoined to jettison this fake news being spread, their plan is to deceive gullible people, because the governorship election of March 11, is now near.

Regardless of their antics, Siminalayi Fubara Remains Unstoppable! The governorship election this weekend remains his to win!

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