..Calls for an end to all forms of corruption
Civil Society Organizations comprising of Rivers Civil Society Organizations, “We the People” a social studies and development centre,Today September 22,2018 carried out an anti-corruption sensitization rally in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
The participants who were carrying placards with several inscriptions like “kill corruption before corruption kills you” marched from College of Health sciences Mile 4 to t of Rivers State University round about at Ikwerre road axis of Mile 3 diobu back to college of Health Sciences.
Speaking at the sideline of the event, the Chairman of Rivers Civil Society Organizations comrade Enefaa Georgewill said “corruption has eaten every fabric of our society, from the Judiciary to political office holders, to campus, even in private sectors”.
He said “We have to come out and make a statement that as a people we are against corruption”.
He stated that corruption has equally crept into Civil Society Organizations.
Comrade Enefaa said “ of course we now have political party Civil Society who don’t see anything wrong with what their friends in Government is doing”.

On the issue of court injunction barring the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (E.F.C.C) from inviting and investigating officials of a state Government, He said “no court injunction should bar anybody from answering an invitation by E.F.C.C ,everybody who have collected our resources should account for it no matter where you are, no court injunction should bar anybody from answering an invitation by E.F.C.C”. He said “the argument should be if the person is guilty or not, not that there is a court injunction barring the person from being investigated by E.F.C.C”.

He called on all anti-graft agencies to carry out their duty in a way that will not raise suspicion and also live above suspicion.
Ken Henshaw the Executive Director of “We the People” in his own speech said “corruption has increased poverty in the country, people are so poor that they sale their sacred franchise for 1,2,3 or 4 thousand naira”.
Ken Henshaw said “We are teaching people through this sensitization rally to reject those offers and financial inducement targeted at voting buying by Politicians “.
He urged the people to vote their conscience to lead the country to path of development.

Also speaking, Ejit Josiah a research officer with “We the People” said “We came here to sensitize people on corruption, to show them what corruption is and the dangers of corruption”.
He said “the rally is to remind us not to engage in corruption or any form of bribery, as corruption can negatively affect the image of a country”.
Participants also called for a total end of all forms of corruption in the country.

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