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One George Peter, a resident of Cedarwood Gardens Estate Off SARS road,Rupokwu,Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State has called on the Inspector General of Police,Commissioner of Police and Governor of Rivers State to intervene over incessant harassment on him by a suspected land grabber popularly called ‘Don’ in the estate.

In an interview with newsmen on Saturday after a foiled arrest, Mr Peter said ” I went to look at the labourers I gave job.A friend asked me to protect his property,on getting to the place,the labourers were sitting down.

“They said Don Police men asked them not to work ,I approached the Police men and asked them what happened ,they said I should call Don.I said I cannot call him,that the Police people should explain to me what happened.

“The Police people left me.One Biggy attached to Don came and held me on my niga that Don said they should arrest me The Police people now held me that State CID is coming to carry me.

“So at the point of dragging with them,I have to notify the estate and the estate people came in mass trying to intervene and asked what happened.A neighbour now called Don and spoke with him before they left me.

“Don does not own any land here.He just came to Obio/Akpor LGA and started claiming land .

“In 2020 Don came from nowhere and started harassing people.If you resist him from collecting your land he will you accuse of a  non existing murder case.He has done it to many people.

“Now he is doing it to the entire estate.If you resist him from collecting your land,he will tag a murder case on you,just to intimidate you.He is working with some Police people from Adamawa state that is in the estate in one uncompleted building.

“I am asking the Commissioner of Police to come down.I have been arrested six times for no just cause by this Don.Arresting me unnecessarily .I am a family man for crying out loud .I have family.Please Commissioner of Police,the Governor of Rivers State,the Inspector General of Police,please come down and investigate this matter.

“My life is under threat .one day they will kidnap me with Police Uniform and before I know they may eliminate me .

“The people that came to arrest was not from Rumuokoro Police Station,we went there they are not from Rumuokoro.They are not from State CID.They are his Police people he uses here to harass people”.

Recall that about 137  Landlords of the Estate had petitioned the Inspector General of Police on November 24,2022 on the activities of the alleged land grabber “Don” and Police officers attached to him and copied the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State.

The spokesperson for the Rivers State Police command,SP Grace Iringe Koko was yet to respond to enquiry by our reporter into the incident as at the time the petition was written by the landlords in the estate.

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