SARS Officials Brutalize Journalist In Rivers State,Threaten To Kill Him

KOFI BARTES of nigeria info,92.3FM

Kofi Bartes a Journalist who works in Nigeria Info,92.3 FM was brutalized yesterday by men of Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS) in the state,Revelation Agents has learnt.

Meanwhile ,Civil Rights Council PortHarcourt has condemned the alleged brutalization and threat to life to Kofu Bartes by SARS in PortHarcourt.

Prince Wiro, Spokesperson of Civil Rights Council PortHarcourt in his reaction described the incident as an attempt to intimidate and install fear in practicing journalist in Rivers state by SARS in a bid to prevent them from reporting professional misconduct of some of its personnel.

Civil Rights Council PortHarcourt call on the Police authority in the state to investigate the incident and ensure all those officers involved are brought to book.

We sympathize with the victim,Nigeria Info 92.3 FM and other Journalist in the state while calling on Nigeria Union of Journalist to ensure Justice is done and seen to be done in this matter

Read Ordeal of the Journalist Below

Yesterday, I was driving in my area and saw SARS officers beating up a boy who lives in the area. His mum fries Akara for a living and I knew immediately that they wouldn’t be able to ‘settle’ the officers. He kept shouting “what have I done”, while they tried to force him into their bus. They were beating the hell out of him and don’t know if he would have survived. I made to go plead with them but at a point hesitated and chose to take a shot of the bus and numberplate.

I was given the beating of my life right on the road. They started by smashing my knees repeatedly with wooden bars. As I type this, my left knee is swollen and my right knee seriously bruised. I have pains on my head, neck and back.

I was handcuffed like a common criminal and shots were fired to disperse a small crowd that had gathered. After a second round of beating, I was taken to SARS HQ in Port Harcourt where I was beaten more mercilessly by the SARS officers who took me there. This was the beating of my life. About three others also joined in. They are took turns to slap, punch, kick me all over my body in a detention room, while I was struggling with a swollen knee. At least 6 officers, one at a time. One swore he would have “wasted” me if his team were the one who picked me up. I was told to get ready to be thrown into their cell where I would receive the worst torture, including sexual abuse by male inmates.

A couple of them told me to watch my back, saying this is my end in Rivers State, due to the human rights issues we treat on radio involving SARS and the police generally.

My phones were seized and I had no way of communicating with anyone. I was saved at the last minute when word got to their former boss and they were ordered to release me unconditionally.
The pains were unbearable last night and I’ll have to go for a skull and knee Xray today.

Several times, I’ve had to use my media platform to shout on behalf of the voiceless in our society who have had their rights trampled upon by people meant to protect them. I got my own first hand experience yesterday. Some of the officers made me know how they felt about that…. literally.

So my crimes are;
1. Attempting to do something about the boy who was being beaten.

2. Taking up SARS and police issues on radio.

I’m taking their threats to my life seriously and will be putting authorities on notice. But please be aware, if anything happens to me or my family and friends, you know who to suspect.





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Jacobs Mboitidem Udoh

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