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  • David Oguzierem

The Nigerian police is reputed to be the worst and most cruel around the world. The Nigerian Police has the reputation for committing heinous crimes which they are supposed to defend. From murder to bribery to corruption to notoriety. The Nigeria Police is a bad example of how a civilized society should be policed.

The story of the #IkokoFour vibrated within the social media as a shocking wave to Nigerians. The police arrested four young men in a vehicle running against the traffic in December. They saw about one hundred and ninety thousand naira in the possession. Greed enveloped the police to slam frivolous charges against them as to do away with the money. They were accused of armed robbery, cultism and kidnapping. When the young men refused to accept committing such crimes, the police sent them across to their torture camp. They were brutalized and decimated. Bottles, planks, iron, knife and other dangerous weapon were used on them to force them to accept the false accusation.

When the torture became unbearable, some of them bowed to pressure and agreed to committing the crimes they were innocently accused. One of them, Chima also died in police detention due to injuries sustained as a result of the torture.
Finally the men were charged to court following public outcry. Today they were granted bail. But the men are in bad shape. Their body parts have been mutilated and are badly decomposing.

Granted that there are few good men in the Nigerian police, but it is obvious from public experience that majority are criminals. Majority of the criminals in our society has been deceitfully been recruited into the police force. They have been officially licensed to use government arms, uniform and resources to steal and kill innocent Nigerians.

Ours is a pathetic case. We have a situation where those who are supposed to chase criminals have become the criminals. An institution that is charged with the responsibility to protect lives now killing and wasting lives. The police is the proverbial dog that bites its owner after being fed.

It is obvious that the citizens fear the police more that they fear criminals. At least we can form vigilantes to fight criminals, but we are helpless when confronting the Nigerian police. Moreso criminal attack and retreat to a hideout, but the police attack and bundle you to a police facility.

The men of E-crack who brutalized the #IkokuFour and killed #Chima must be prosecuted.

May I use this opportunity to call on President Muhamadu Buhari and the National Assembly to commence the reformation of Nigeria police; else criminal elements in uniform will overrun our society.

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