Pst Ibiyeomie urge members to stop sports betting,says it is gambling and sign of laziness

The presiding Pastor of Salvation Ministries worldwide, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has urged members of the church who indulge in playing sports betting to stop.

The presiding Pastor of Salvation made the plea during service on Sunday February 17th,2019 in Salvation Ministries headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers state,Nigeria

He said “sports bet is a modern form of gambling and also indicates sign of laziness ,no responsible man gambles,God does not increase gamblers”.

On the postponement of the Presidential and National Assembly election by Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC),He said how do will know the integrity of INEC if they can postponed election 6 hours to voting”

Pastor Ibiyeomie however, urged the congregation to always pray for Nigeria

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Presiding Pastor Of Salvation Ministries, Worldwide
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